Tuesday, March 8, 2011

English IPA Tasting

Brewed this one on 28 January and it took me a while to get it in the keg. I've been sort of ignoring it, as I have some pretty good beer on tap at the moment. This is not the first time I have brewed this one, it's been my EIPA recipe of choice for about two years now, though I don't usually ferment it with wy1187. Most of the time it turns into a pretty darn good IPA, though this time it's much more of an ESB than IPA. Still a good beer, though not exactly what I was looking for! Fermented with wy1187, dryhopped 2oz of EKG for 10 days.

Green Thumb: English India Pale Ale

Appearance – Pours a muddy, red/amber with a very nice thick head that leaves doughy lacing. Obviously clarity is a big problem with this one; could be due to my water, not using any whirlfloc, the TF Maris Otter, or a combination thereof. Needs improvement.

Smell: The aroma isn't too bad! Lots of floral, orange-marmalade scented hops with a good bit of biscuit and caramel. Just a hint of diacetyl that really adds some nice complexity along with some nice mild fruity esters. The hop aroma could be a bit more aggressive and cleaner.

Taste – Right away you get lots of fresh citrus-orange hops and biscuit. A good amount of caramel flavor is there too, along with some toast crust flavor from the amber malt. The hop flavor gives way to the malt and typical wy1187 fruity esters. Pretty clean malt and hop profile. The bitterness is firm, though not as linear as I would like. I used Magnum as the bittering hop on this one whereas I should of gone with EKG or an English bittering variety for a bit more English character. Overall the flavor is very good, though not really indicative of an English IPA. Balance of flavors is pretty even between the malt and hops.
Mouthfeel – Pretty low carbonation and a very nice full, smooth mouthfeel. Very drinkable.

Drinkability & Notes – While not exactly the IPA I was looking for, I am still pretty happy with this one. I wouldn't dare enter it into a competition as an EIPA, though it probably would do well as an ESB. The warmer the beer gets, the more I am enjoying it. Though there are some things about it that I need to check out. First, I really need to get my new water source tested. My last few batches with this water has not been giving me the same clean bitterness and hop presence that I used to get. I wonder if my PH balance is a bit off. Again, my beer clarity has suffered with these last few batches. I just picked up some more whirlfloc, I'll use that instead of regular Irish moss - does that stuff ever work?! Lastly, I think leaving this beer in the primary for a month didn't help either.

 O.G: 1.062, F.G: 1.010, 6.7% ABV, 58 IBU, Wyeast 1187 Ringwood


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