Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Bad Beer Tasting

Remember that box of dusty, old beer I came across not too long ago? Well, today I have two new 'special' tastings for your beery entertainment, a three year old mild that I found laying on the floor of my friends refrigerator and a low gravity pale ale that is nearing two years of age. Both beers should make for an interesting tasting, as it not often that I have old 1.030 and 1.040 O.G beers sitting around. Also, against my better judgment, I even managed to get my non-beer drinking friend Chris to sit in on the tastings. I figured it would be good to have an impartial test subject taster provide some honest commentary. And maybe I can teach my friend a thing or two about beer. Here are our notes:

08' Low Gravity Pale Ale:

AppearancePours a very clear, honey-golden color with a huge lively head and a constant stream of bubbles. Chris remarks, "it looks good, I am assuming this is the head," pointing to the white foam rising from his glass. And I wonder why it takes him three years to drink the beer I give him!? 

AromaWe both agree on lemon, citrus, honey, grapefruit, and lemon-meringue pie. 

Taste - I note hay, high bitterness, light lemon, and slight hoppiness. Chris thinks it tastes like "beer" and says the aftertaste is like "wall paper paste." I ask him to explain and he eventually says he tastes citrus fruit and comments that the beer is very bitter.

Mouthfeel  In an attempt to educate my friend a little more about tasting beer, I start a long talk about what must have been boring gibberish. For when I asked what he thought of the beer's mouthfeel, I get this response: "liquidy, thicker than water, tingly, and the bubbles get trapped in my fillings." Facepalm. Why do I even try... 

Drinkability & NotesWe agree that while it looks great in the glass, it tastes merely 'ok.' Chris provides a fleeting moment of beer intelligence when he says it is too bitter and needs more sweetness. Aha, maybe he is learning something! Chris gives the beer a 4/10 and I gave it a 3/10. 

2007/08 Mild : 

Appearance – Dark, amberish, reddish, light coffee. Pencil head of foam. Yeasty. 

Beer drinker in training
Aroma – I note a slight yeasty funk, medium roast, coffee, and dark crystal malt. Chris takes a long sniff and practically turns green. He mutters something about a cat litter box and we quickly agree the beer has a faint dirty-diaper quality; possible infection or yeast autolysis?

Taste – To our surprise it's not half bad. Chris thinks it tastes like coffee grounds and is soon lost in a nostalgic "Folger's Coffee" moment, sans jingle, thankfully. I note chocolate, roast, caramel, tart-fruitiness, and a bit of liquorice. No hops, not bitter, and slightly oxidized. 

Mouthfeel – Thin, dry, and no malt sweetness.

Drinkability & Notes – Chris says it didn't taste half bad, though wouldn't drink another one. I was surprised he managed to finish his glass. We both gave this one a score of 3/10. 


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