Friday, June 10, 2011

American Wheat Tasting

I don't know what I was thinking when I brewed all those big, heavy porter/stouts in the spring. Now that the summer's hot weather has finally arrived, a dark, roasty 7% beer is not what I am looking for after having mowed the lawn... I don't know how those Jamaicans, Nigerians, and Ceylonese do it. However, thankfully, I have lighter fare on tap. This beer was my attempt at a hoppy wheat beer - something that is very drinkable and refreshing, though has the hop flavor and aroma of an IPA. I figure this keg will get kicked pretty quick.

Summer Beer : American Wheat

Appearance – Pours a very hazy, golden-honey color with a low white head that has good retention. Carbonation is a bit low. Color is pretty much spot on, though I would like the beer to be a bit clearer.

Aroma – Soft wheat aroma with a good dose of tropical/citrus hops and honey. Lots of pineapple, mango, and melon hop character. No yeast esters. Smells quite nice.

Taste – Again, soft wheat and honey flavor with some pleasant yeastiness. No clove or banana esters. Hops are very aggressive in the middle with lots of tropical notes. The simcoe hop contribution is very noticeable. Bitterness is quite strong and lingers throughout the finish. The bitterness is a bit too much.

Mouthfeel – Smooth, creamy, full mouthfeel. Goes down exceedingly easy, though the carbonation could be increased a bit for a bit livelier character.

Drinkability & Notes – Overall, I'm pretty happy with this one. The aroma and flavor of this one is great, like a mix between a witbier, Am. wheat, and your favorite IPA. The only thing I dislike about this beer is that the bitterness is about 10 IBU too much. I aimed for 25 IBU, but I suspect my flameout additions of simcoe and amarillo sat around too long in the whirlpool. Next time I'll make sure to cool the wort a bit before adding those additions. I'll definitely brew this beer again. 

O.G: 1.054, F.G: 1.008, 6.3% ABV, 25 (?) IBU, Wyeast 1056 American Ale


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