Sunday, July 24, 2011

American IPA w/ Invert Tasting

Let's see. Brewed on 12 June, dry hopped with 1oz of Simcoe and Amarillo for ten days and kegged on 5 July. Been drinking this one for the past two weeks and boy is it good. By far the best hoppy beer I have ever made and very popular with my hop head friends. The No. 1 invert syrup adds a very nice honey sweetness and floral complexity that complements some of the light biscuit malt flavors and did well to ensure a dry finish in the beer. While I was a bit worried about using WY1332 - having heard people say it can give the beer a tart flavor - I am really happy how it performed. It fermented fast, clean, and the yeast dropped brilliantly clear within a few days.

Inverted IPA : Anglo- American IPA

Appearance – Pours a lovely, clear, honey - amber color with a thick, fluffy white head that has good retention. Carbonation is medium.  None of the hop-haze one finds in highly hopped beers.

Aroma – Full on grapefruit, pine needles, tropical fruit, and lots of resiny hops. Behind the hops are a lovely, rich malt aroma that reminds me of an English IPA. Just a hint of alcohol at the end. 

Taste – Lots of hops upfront; a buffet of pine, mango, pineapple, and wild flowers followed by a firm, snappy bitterness that coats the tongue. While very hoppy, the malt still comes through with some biscuit and honey flavor. The invert comes through too, providing a mellow light crystal-like sweetness. The bitterness and hop flavor are well balanced with the malt. The beer finishes dry and refreshing.

Mouthfeel – Smooth, creamy, and full mouthfeel with medium carbonation. Goes down exceedingly easy, almost too well for 7.5% ABV. 

Drinkability & Notes – Overall, I'm very happy with this one. While I am not the biggest hop head, this beer has everything I like about IPA's - lots lot hop flavor and aroma with supporting malt complexity and a balanced bitterness. I think the lesson learned from this batch is how good No. 1 Invert syrup can be in an IPA. 

O.G: 1.067, F.G: 1.009, 7.5% ABV, 66 IBU, Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale


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