Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scottish Oatmeal Porter Tasting

Anyone who is familiar with my brewing habits, usually knows I have a dark, chocolaty beer on tap most of the time and I often get requests for a "spare growler" or two of the "dark stuff." This beer is similar to almost every brown porter I brew, though with an addition of flaked oats for creaminess and fermented with some washed Scottish Ale yeast for a neutral character. I brewed this one just over a month ago and tapped it last week. Not all beer, especially the low gravity ones, needs a month to be ready to drink.

Oatmeal Porter : Brown Porter 

Appearance – Pours a jet black color with a two finger head that slowly dissipates to a fine ring. Leaves some lacing down the glass. 

Aroma –  Medium roast and chocolate with some sweet, dark crystal. Esters are very low to none and no hops. Not the most complex aroma, but it is still smells inviting.

Taste – Mmm... Dark chocolate and mocha coffee with a lingering caramel sweetness on the finish. A bit of dark roasted malt is noticeable, though without an ashy or burnt character. Bitterness levels are low and balanced with a slightly dry character on the swallow that balances the sweetness quite well. Very "moreish," as my Brit friend would say.

Mouthfeel – Carbonation is just about perfect. Creamy, silky, full mouthfeel, and goes down almost too well. Low carbonation makes this very drinkable - I've had two full pints just typing this up. :)

Drinkability & Notes – Low gravity with a big flavor. Everything I love about British beer can be found in such a pint. I am very happy with how the beer turned out, especially since I am using a new water profile for my porters. Improvements for next time are to work on aroma and better head retention. I bet 5% or so of brown malt would be a great addition and I will be sure to go back to a more characterful English yeast next time. Originally brewed as a 4.5 gallon batch, I'll be surprised if this keg lasts until the end of the month.

O.G: 1.045, F.G: 1.010, 4.6% ABV, 22 IBU, Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale


  1. Great looking beers! I have to admire your schedule and pursuit for the perfect pint. I myself need to work up another all London porter - excellent recipe.

    I'm curious about the new water profiles you are using for these. Care to share? Thanks!

  2. Brad,

    Thanks for the comment. I'll be posting about my results with my new water profiles once the batches are ready for comparison, in a few weeks. I'm mostly been trying profiles with different sulfate and chloride levels, see which ones I prefer over the others.


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