Sunday, January 8, 2012

Robust Porter Tasting

While I didn't brew any beer today, I did get around to bottling a few sour ales. The first batch was a Roeselare pale ale that I had brewed last October, and the other two were a Belgian dubbel with cherries/Russian River dregs and another Roeselare pale with pinot noir grapes. Needless to say, after sipping sour ales all day, I was craving something not so intensely sour and funky. Porter to the rescue! I've been slowly drinking this batch since early December and it has been getting better each week. 

Coal Porter : Robust Porter              

Appearance - Pours a deep black color with a two finger head that slowly settles to a fine ring. Lacing is good. When held to the light, you can just see some ruby highlights. 

Aroma - First impression is all roast, coffee and chocolate malt followed by a strong caramel sweetness. Esters are low to none and little hop character.

Taste - Bitter chocolate and lots of deep, black malt character. The beer has a pronounced coffee and dark crystal flavor that lasts through to the finish. The yeast character is lightly fruity and rich, but the beer finishes with a slight tartness that seems out of place. It is a shame too, since the flavor profile is quite nice. The beer finishes with a faint herbal, spicy hop character.

Mouthfeel - Carbonation is fine and the beer has a nice, creamy mouthfeel.
Drinkability & Notes - Overall, I'm pretty happy with this beer. I really like the malt profile, but the beer finishes with a slight tartness that distracts from the malt. I know this comes from the yeast, Bedford Bitter, as it this strain is known to give some tartness. With that said, I wont be using this strain again in a dark beers. Probably won't re-brew this exact recipe, though I really like a small amount of roast barley in my robust porters. 

O.G: 1.055, F.G: 1.014, 5.3% ABV, 35 IBU, WhiteLabs 006 Bedford Bitter


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