Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brew Day: Nut Brown Ale

Back to the basics. I had originally planned on brewing a historical RIS for today but as I was getting my grain together for grinding, realized I didn't have enough black malt. The RIS will have to wait. Instead, I figured I'd brew something a little more 'sessionable' and quicker to mature. Nut brown ale. Not really a beer I've brewed a lot nor one I drink that often. Besides from the ubiquitous Newkie Brown and Sam Smith's, there aren't that many commercial nut brown ales that I can say I've had on a regular basis. I generally prefer brown ales that are closer to a dark mild or porter in terms of flavor. The recipe for this beer is pretty standard, the only exception from the norm being that I toasted a 3/4lb of MO for some additional toasty character and used a small amount of pale chocolate for color and nuttiness. My yeast choice is a bit unusual though, as I'll be using wy1768 Special Bitter. Not really the best yeast for really chewy and malty beers, but I figure the high attention and clean esters will let the malt character come through. I did end up mashing this one a bit higher than usual, to see if I can keep it from attenuating so low.
Doesn't get much better than a Bitter

Nut Brown : Northern English Brown

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size (Gal): 4.5
Total Grain (Lbs): 8.75
Anticipated OG: 1.052
Anticipated FG: 1.012
Anticipated SRM: 14
Anticipated IBU: 26
Efficiency: 70%
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

80.0% - 7.00 lbs. Pale, Maris Otter
8.6%   - 0.75 lbs. Toasted Malt
5.7%   - 0.50 lbs. Medium Crystal (55L)
3.4%   - 0.30 lbs. Victory Malt  
2.3%   - 0.20 lbs. Pale Chocolate (200L) 

1.00 oz. East Kent Goldings @ 60 min for 24 IBU
0.50 oz. East Kent Goldings @ 5 min for 2 IBU

Yeast: Wyeast 1768 Special Bitter (Young's)
Mash 156F for 75 min.

Brewed 18 March


  1. How much do you anticipate the toasted+victory malts to make a showing once it's all settled out and stable?

    1. Quite a bit actually. Toasted MO does lend a nice toasty-biscuit type of flavor and the small amount of victory is there in support. I generally don't like using lots of biscuit type malts, but as I'll be entering this one (hopefully) in competition, the judges will be looking for that nutty character.


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