Sunday, March 4, 2012

"What's Next?!"

Bleh. I hate that beer-y phrase, "What's Next?!" Beneath its veneer of optimism and freedom of choice - of whatever comes tomorrow is better than today - lies an inexorable wasteland. Pubs with a hundred taps of mediocre 'greatness,' beer festivals filled with hipsters, drunkenness, snobs, and a whole system designed to only offer criticism and stifle tradition. What happened to our session beers in all of this? Who among us still buys rounds of beer for their friends or can spend a quiet afternoon in a pub or beer garden without constant interruption? And when did beer become so tied to marketing and gimmicks that we now instantly ignore those beers not accompanied by faux-celebrity or a seal of approval. Is there still hope for the simple pint?

I once drank Budweiser, Miller, and Coors in a ghost town in Western Nebraska. No cell phones, no TV, and nothing to do or drink, except what was in front of you. The beer might have been tasteless, but at least it was honest. People sat along the long and lonely bar, talking among themselves about life, family, politics, and the weather. Never did they feel the need to talk about the beer they were drinking or how it compared to the one before; they wrote down no tasting notes. Is good to know that not everyone is a critic. Beer shouldn't need an introduction or an explanation of why it is special and it sure doesn't need someone telling us what to drink.

Variety in beer is a good thing, so long as it is not overly pretentious.

One day I might just warm up to the idea of drinking more than one IIPA or the occasional Imperial Witbier. Until then, I'll be proudly brewing and drinking my 'boring' bitters and brown beer concoctions...hopefully with friends. 


  1. I've been feeling the exact same way lately. I find myself more and more preferring "boring beers," beers with a straight forward flavor profile that I could have one or three and really enjoy. Usually it's a lager of some sort.

  2. I've been using your British Ale and yeast advice, along with KingBrian over at HBT, and after finding your blog, I think I've hit pay dirt for even more info on British Ales----> which brings me to my point, the British Bitter. I'm completely enamoured with the style and after 1.5 years of homebrewing, I've just brewed my first, and 2 other in a row because I have come to be amazed at how much flavor can be found in a 4 or sub 4 abv beer.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I completely agree with the pretentious attitude of craft beer. While most of it can be found at a site ADVOCATING craft beer, it's found all over, and I'm sick of it. Hipsters scribbling notes while attempting to hate a beer at a bar makes me sick. Rant off.

    Thanks for this awesome blog, and I see wyeast 1318 in my future soon.
    Duckmanco from HBT

    1. Great to hear your enjoying Bitters! And 1318 too. Great yeast.

      It's good to have a good rant once in a while, lest I take my anger out on those damn hipsters. Cheers!


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