Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brew Day: Best Bitter w/ Invert

I was originally thinking of brewing an American style Hefeweizen today, but I never got around to making the yeast starter. Instead, I figure I'll use some of the wy1768 yeast I washed from my recent batch of Nut Brown and brew another batch of special bitter. Not that I really need another one on tap! This recipe isn't too different from my other bitters; Maris Otter with some toasted malt and a small amount of dark crystal. To help round out the aggressive hopping schedule and provide some additional residual sweetness, I'll add a good amount of homemade invert syrup to the boil. Also, as this yeast tends to ferment clean and dry, more so than I normally like, the invert should add another dimension of flavor and give the beer some light-toffee flavors. The invert also goes very well with highly hopped beers. Lastly, I'll be trying out some new, 2011 crop whole leaf EKG hops in this batch. Should turn out nice.

American Pale Ale
Creek Bitter II : English Special Bitter

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size (Gal): 4.5
Total Grain (Lbs): 8.00
Anticipated OG: 1.048
Anticipated FG: 1.010
Anticipated SRM: 10
Anticipated IBU: 38
Efficiency: 70%
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

81.3% - 6.50 lbs. Pale, Maris Otter
6.3%   - 0.50 lbs. Toasted Malt
3.1%   - 0.25 lbs. Crystal 120L
9.4%   - 0.75 lbs. Invert No. 1

1.00 oz. East Kent Goldings @ 60 min for 25 IBU
0.50 oz. East Kent Goldings @ 30 min for 10 IBU
0.50 oz. East Kent Goldings @ 10 min for 3 IBU
2.00 oz. East Kent Goldings @ flameout 
1.00 oz. East Kent Goldings @ Dry-hop 

Yeast: Wyeast 1768 Special Bitter (Young's)
Mash 154F for 75 min.
Brewed 8 April


  1. Don't worry, I'll come over and help you drink all that bitter. Sounds tasty. Have you been using the molasses + invert no. 1 method? Or are you Doing the long boil to get your color?

    I've only done the long boil for a batch of no. 2 and wasn't too thrilled with the final product. I'm going to try the molasses addition next time.

    1. I've done it both ways and I very much prefer the flavor of the standard reduction method. Although I found I needed to add water to keep the sugar from scorching, which may be to blame for some peoples off flavors in the no.2 and 3 inverts. I found the molasses versions to taste a lot like a diluted molasses, which is exactly the flavor I don't want in my bitters. Lately though I've just been making No. 1 invert, which is both easy to make and tastes best in my bitters.


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